June 9th All Events

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June 9th, 2068 (June 09 2068)EventRoman Emperor Nero commits suicide, imploring his secretary Epaphroditos to slit his throat to evade a Senate-imposed death by flogging.
June 9th, 2068 (June 09 2068)DeathNero, Roman Emperor (born in 37)
June 9th, 2062 (June 09 2062)DeathClaudia Octavia, wife of Nero (born in 40)
June 9th, 2008 (June 09 2008)EventIn the town of Lake Delton, Wisconsin, Lake Delton drained as a result of heavy flooding breaking the dam holding the lake back.
June 9th, 2008 (June 09 2008)DeathAlgis Budrys, American writer (born in 1931)
June 9th, 2007 (June 09 2007)DeathFrankie Abernathy, Former The Real World: San Diego castmate (born in 1981)
June 9th, 2006 (June 09 2006)DeathDrafi Deutscher, German Schlager singer (born in 1946)
June 9th, 2004 (June 09 2004)DeathRosey Brown, American football player (born in 1932)
June 9th, 2004 (June 09 2004)DeathBrian Williamson, Jamaican Gay Activist (born in 1945)
June 9th, 2000 (June 09 2000)DeathJacob Lawrence, American painter (born in 1917)
June 9th, 1999 (June 09 1999)EventKosovo War: the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and North Atlantic Treaty Organization sign a peace treaty.
June 9th, 1997 (June 09 1997)DeathStanley Knowles, Canadian politician (born in 1908)
June 9th, 1994 (June 09 1994)DeathJan Tinbergen, Dutch economist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1903)
June 9th, 1993 (June 09 1993)BirthDanielle Chuchran, American actress
June 9th, 1993 (June 09 1993)DeathAlexis Smith, Canadian actress (born in 1921)
June 9th, 1991 (June 09 1991)EventThe congress of the Italian party Proletarian Democracy decides to merge with the Communist Refoundation Party.
June 9th, 1991 (June 09 1991)DeathClaudio Arrau, Chilean-born pianist (born in 1903)
June 9th, 1989 (June 09 1989)DeathGeorge Wells Beadle, American geneticist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1903)
June 9th, 1989 (June 09 1989)DeathRashid Behbudov, Azerbaijani singer and actor (born in 1915)
June 9th, 1988 (June 09 1988)BirthMae Whitman, American Actress
June 9th, 1986 (June 09 1986)EventThe Rogers Commission releases its report on the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.
June 9th, 1986 (June 09 1986)BirthAdamo Ruggiero, Canadian actor
June 9th, 1986 (June 09 1986)BirthKary Ng, Hong Kong singer and actress
June 9th, 1985 (June 09 1985)EventThomas Sutherland is kidnapped in Lebanon (he is not released until 1991).
June 9th, 1985 (June 09 1985)BirthSonam Kapoor, Indian actress
June 9th, 1985 (June 09 1985)BirthSebastian Telfair, American basketball player
June 9th, 1984 (June 09 1984)BirthYulieski Gourriel, Cuban baseball player
June 9th, 1984 (June 09 1984)BirthKaleth Morales, Colombian singer and songwriter (died in 2005)
June 9th, 1984 (June 09 1984)BirthWesley Sneijder, Dutch footballer
June 9th, 1984 (June 09 1984)BirthMasoud Shojaei, Iranian footballer
June 9th, 1983 (June 09 1983)BirthAlektra Blue, American porn star
June 9th, 1983 (June 09 1983)BirthDanny Richar, Dominican baseball player
June 9th, 1982 (June 09 1982)BirthChristina Sturmer, Austrian singer
June 9th, 1981 (June 09 1981)BirthNatalie Portman, Israeli-born actress
June 9th, 1981 (June 09 1981)BirthVic Zhou, JVKV band member, Taiwanese actor, singer and model.
June 9th, 1981 (June 09 1981)BirthAnoushka Shankar, Famous sitarist and daughter of Ravi ShankarRavi Shankar Quotes
June 9th, 1981 (June 09 1981)DeathAllen Ludden, TV game show host (born in 1917)
June 9th, 1980 (June 09 1980)BirthMike Fontenot, American baseball player
June 9th, 1980 (June 09 1980)BirthLehlohonolo Seema, Lesotho footballer
June 9th, 1980 (June 09 1980)BirthUdonis Haslem, American basketball player
June 9th, 1979 (June 09 1979)BirthAndrew Walker, Canadian actor
June 9th, 1979 (June 09 1979)DeathCyclone Taylor, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1884)
June 9th, 1978 (June 09 1978)EventThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opens its priesthood to "all worthy men", ending a 148-year-old policy excluding black men. Jesus Christ Quotes
June 9th, 1978 (June 09 1978)BirthShandi Finnessey, game hostess
June 9th, 1978 (June 09 1978)BirthMatthew Bellamy, British musician (Muse)
June 9th, 1978 (June 09 1978)BirthMiroslav Klose, German footballer
June 9th, 1978 (June 09 1978)BirthMichaela Conlin, American actress
June 9th, 1977 (June 09 1977)BirthRoopa Mishra, Indian civil servant
June 9th, 1977 (June 09 1977)BirthAmisha Patel, Indian actress
June 9th, 1977 (June 09 1977)BirthPeja Stojakovic, Serbian basketball player
June 9th, 1975 (June 09 1975)BirthAndrew Symonds, Australian cricketer
June 9th, 1975 (June 09 1975)BirthOtto Addo, Ghanaian footballer
June 9th, 1975 (June 09 1975)BirthJeff Saturday, American football player
June 9th, 1974 (June 09 1974)EventDiplomatic relations between Portugal and the Soviet Union are established.
June 9th, 1974 (June 09 1974)BirthSamoth, Norwegian guitarist (Emperor, Zyklon)
June 9th, 1974 (June 09 1974)BirthTim Shaw, British radio personality
June 9th, 1974 (June 09 1974)BirthRandy Winn, American baseball player
June 9th, 1974 (June 09 1974)DeathMiguel Angel Asturias, Guatemalan writer, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1899)
June 9th, 1973 (June 09 1973)EventSecretariat wins the Triple Crown.
June 9th, 1973 (June 09 1973)BirthTedy Bruschi, American football player
June 9th, 1973 (June 09 1973)BirthLaura Ponte, Spanish model and royal
June 9th, 1973 (June 09 1973)BirthFrederic Choffat, Swiss film director
June 9th, 1973 (June 09 1973)DeathErich von Manstein, German military commander (born in 1887)Erich von Manstein Quotes
June 9th, 1972 (June 09 1972)BirthTomoe Hanba, Japanese voice actress
June 9th, 1971 (June 09 1971)BirthGilles De Bilde, Belgian footballer
June 9th, 1971 (June 09 1971)BirthJohn McKeown, Scottish musician (Yummy Fur, 1990s)John Scott Quotes
June 9th, 1971 (June 09 1971)BirthRick Renstrom, American guitarist
June 9th, 1969 (June 09 1969)BirthEric Wynalda, American footballer
June 9th, 1968 (June 09 1968)EventU.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson declares a national day of mourning following the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.Robert F. Kennedy Quotes
June 9th, 1968 (June 09 1968)BirthNiki Bakoyianni, Greek high jumper
June 9th, 1967 (June 09 1967)EventIsrael captures the Golan Heights from Syria during the Six-Day War.
June 9th, 1964 (June 09 1964)BirthGloria Reuben, Canadian actress
June 9th, 1964 (June 09 1964)BirthHiroko Yakushimaru, Japanese actress and singer
June 9th, 1964 (June 09 1964)DeathMax Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook, Canadian-born business tycoon and politician (born in 1879)1st Baron Beaverbrook Quotes
June 9th, 1963 (June 09 1963)BirthJohnny Depp, American actorJohnny Depp Quotes
June 9th, 1963 (June 09 1963)BirthGilad Atzmon, Israeli jazz musician and author
June 9th, 1963 (June 09 1963)BirthDavid Koepp, American screenwriter and director
June 9th, 1961 (June 09 1961)BirthMichael J. Fox, Canadian-born actor
June 9th, 1961 (June 09 1961)BirthAaron Sorkin, American writerAaron Sorkin Quotes
June 9th, 1961 (June 09 1961)DeathCamille Guerin, French scientist (born in 1872)
June 9th, 1960 (June 09 1960)BirthSteve Paikin, Canadian journalist
June 9th, 1959 (June 09 1959)EventThe USS George Washington is launchedied in It is the first submarine to carry ballistic missiles.George Washington Quotes
June 9th, 1959 (June 09 1959)BirthChristian Wulff, German politician, currently prime minister of Lower Saxony.
June 9th, 1959 (June 09 1959)DeathAdolf Otto Reinhold Windaus, German chemist, Nobel laureate (born in 1876)
June 9th, 1958 (June 09 1958)EventHM Queen Elizabeth II officially opens London Gatwick Airport, (LGW), Crawley, West Sussex, United Kingdom.
June 9th, 1958 (June 09 1958)DeathRobert Donat, English actor (born in 1905)
June 9th, 1957 (June 09 1957)EventFirst ascent of Broad Peak (the world s 12th highest mountain).
June 9th, 1956 (June 09 1956)BirthPatricia Cornwell, American author
June 9th, 1954 (June 09 1954)EventMcCarthyism: Joseph Welch, special counsel for the United States Army, lashes out at Senator Joseph McCarthy during hearings on whether Communism has infiltrated the Armygiving McCarthy the famous rebuke, "You ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"Joseph McCarthy Quotes
June 9th, 1954 (June 09 1954)BirthGeorge Perez, American comic book artist
June 9th, 1954 (June 09 1954)BirthGregory Maguire, American fantasy writer
June 9th, 1953 (June 09 1953)EventFlint-Worcester tornado outbreak sequence: a tornado spawned from the same storm system as the Flint tornado hits in Worcester, Massachusetts killing 94.
June 9th, 1952 (June 09 1952)BirthUzi Hitman, Israeli singer (died in 2004)
June 9th, 1952 (June 09 1952)DeathAdolf Busch, German composer (born in 1891)
June 9th, 1951 (June 09 1951)BirthDave Parker, American baseball player
June 9th, 1951 (June 09 1951)BirthJames Newton Howard, American film composer
June 9th, 1948 (June 09 1948)BirthGudrun Schyman, Swedish politician
June 9th, 1947 (June 09 1947)BirthKiran Bedi, Indian Police Service Officer
June 9th, 1947 (June 09 1947)BirthJohn Gurda, American historian
June 9th, 1946 (June 09 1946)EventKing Bhumibol Adulyadej ascends to the throne of Thailandied in He is currently the world s longest reigning monarch.
June 9th, 1946 (June 09 1946)DeathAnanda Mahidol, Rama VIII, king of Thailand (born in 1925)
June 9th, 1945 (June 09 1945)BirthLuis Ocana, Spanish cyclist (died in 1994)
June 9th, 1945 (June 09 1945)BirthNike Wagner, German woman of the theater
June 9th, 1944 (June 09 1944)EventWorld War II: the Soviet Union invades East Karelia and the previously Finnish part of Karelia, occupied by Finland since 1941.
June 9th, 1943 (June 09 1943)BirthJoe Haldeman, science fiction writerJoe Haldeman Quotes
June 9th, 1941 (June 09 1941)BirthJon Lord, organist in Deep Purple
June 9th, 1939 (June 09 1939)BirthIleana Cotrubas, Romanian soprano
June 9th, 1939 (June 09 1939)BirthDavid Hobbs, English race car driver and personality on American TV
June 9th, 1939 (June 09 1939)BirthDick Vitale, American sportscaster
June 9th, 1939 (June 09 1939)BirthCharles Webb, author
June 9th, 1938 (June 09 1938)BirthCharles Wuorinen, American composer
June 9th, 1937 (June 09 1937)BirthHarald Rosenthal, German biologist
June 9th, 1936 (June 09 1936)BirthMick O Dwyer, Gaelic footballer and manager
June 9th, 1935 (June 09 1935)EventHo-Umezu Agreement: the Republic of China, under KMT administration, recognizes Japanese occupations in Northeast China.
June 9th, 1934 (June 09 1934)EventDonald Duck makes his debut in The Wise Little Hen.
June 9th, 1934 (June 09 1934)BirthJackie Wilson, American singer (died in 1984)
June 9th, 1931 (June 09 1931)BirthJackie Mason, American comedian
June 9th, 1931 (June 09 1931)BirthJoe Santos, American actor
June 9th, 1931 (June 09 1931)BirthBill Virdon, American baseball player and manager
June 9th, 1930 (June 09 1930)EventChicago Tribune reporter Jake Lingle is killed during rush hour at the Illinois Central train station by the Leo Vincent Brothers, allegedly over a $100,000 USD gambling debt owed to Al Capone.Al Capone Quotes
June 9th, 1930 (June 09 1930)BirthBarbara, French singer (died in 1997)
June 9th, 1929 (June 09 1929)BirthJohnny Ace, American singer (died in 1954)
June 9th, 1928 (June 09 1928)EventCharles Kingsford Smith completes the first trans-Pacific flight in a Fokker Trimotor monoplane, the Southern Cross.
June 9th, 1925 (June 09 1925)BirthKeith Laumer, science fiction writer (died in 1993)
June 9th, 1923 (June 09 1923)EventBulgaria s military takes over the government in a coup.
June 9th, 1922 (June 09 1922)EventFirst ringing of the Harkness Memorial Chime at Yale University.
June 9th, 1922 (June 09 1922)BirthJohn Gillespie Magee, Jr., American poet and aviator (died in 1941)Eric Gill Quotes
June 9th, 1922 (June 09 1922)BirthFernand Seguin, Canadian biochemistRadio and TV animator (died in 1988)
June 9th, 1922 (June 09 1922)BirthGeorge Axelrod, American screenwriter, producer, playwright and film director (died in 2003)
June 9th, 1921 (June 09 1921)BirthArthur Hertzberg, American Jewish scholar (died in 2006)
June 9th, 1916 (June 09 1916)BirthRobert McNamara, United States Secretary of Defense and president of the World BankRobert McNamara Quotes
June 9th, 1915 (June 09 1915)EventU.S. Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan resigns over a disagreement regarding the United States handling of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania.William Jennings Bryan Quotes
June 9th, 1915 (June 09 1915)BirthLes Paul, American guitarist
June 9th, 1912 (June 09 1912)BirthIngolf Dahl, American composer (died in 1970)
June 9th, 1912 (June 09 1912)DeathIon Luca Caragiale, Romanian writter (born in 1852)
June 9th, 1911 (June 09 1911)BirthGeorge Webb, British actor (died in 1998)
June 9th, 1909 (June 09 1909)EventAlice Huyler Ramsey, a 22-year-old housewife and mother from Hackensack, New Jersey, becomes the first woman to drive across the United States. With three female companions, none of whom could drive a car, in fifty-nine days she drove a Maxwell automobile the 3,800 miles from Manhattan, New York, to San Francisco, California.
June 9th, 1900 (June 09 1900)BirthFred Waring, American bandleader (died in 1984)
June 9th, 1898 (June 09 1898)BirthLuigi Fagioli, Italian race car driver (died in 1952)
June 9th, 1893 (June 09 1893)BirthIrish Meusel, American baseball player (died in 1963)
June 9th, 1892 (June 09 1892)DeathTaiso Yoshitoshi, Woodblock print artist
June 9th, 1892 (June 09 1892)DeathWilliam Grant Stairs, Canadian explorer (born in 1863)
June 9th, 1891 (June 09 1891)BirthCole Porter, American composer and lyricist (died in 1964)
June 9th, 1890 (June 09 1890)BirthLeslie Banks, British actor (died in 1952)
June 9th, 1882 (June 09 1882)BirthBobby Kerr, Canadian sprinter (died in 1963)
June 9th, 1875 (June 09 1875)BirthHenry Hallett Dale, English scientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (died in 1968)
June 9th, 1875 (June 09 1875)DeathGerard Paul Deshayes, French geologist (born in 1795)
June 9th, 1870 (June 09 1870)DeathCharles Dickens, English author (born in 1812)Charles Dickens Quotes
June 9th, 1865 (June 09 1865)BirthAlberic Magnard, French composer (died in 1914)
June 9th, 1865 (June 09 1865)BirthCarl Nielsen, Danish composer (died in 1931)
June 9th, 1863 (June 09 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: the Battle of Brandy Station, Virginia.
June 9th, 1856 (June 09 1856)Event500 Mormons leave Iowa City, Iowa and head west for Salt Lake City, Utah carrying all their possessions in two-wheeled handcarts.
June 9th, 1851 (June 09 1851)BirthCharles Joseph Bonaparte, French politician (died in 1921)
June 9th, 1849 (June 09 1849)BirthMichael Peter Ancher, Danish painter (died in 1927)
June 9th, 1845 (June 09 1845)BirthGilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 4th Earl of Minto (died in 1914)
June 9th, 1843 (June 09 1843)BirthBertha von Suttner, Austrian novelist and pacifist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (died in 1914)
June 9th, 1834 (June 09 1834)DeathWilliam Carey, one of the founders of the Baptist Missionary Society (born in 1761)
June 9th, 1815 (June 09 1815)EventEnd of the Congress of Vienna: New European political situation is set.
June 9th, 1812 (June 09 1812)BirthJohann Gottfried Galle, German astronomer (died in 1910)
June 9th, 1810 (June 09 1810)BirthOtto Nicolai, German composer (died in 1849)
June 9th, 1790 (June 09 1790)EventThe Philadelphia Spelling Book by John Barry becomes the first book to be copyrighted in the United States.
June 9th, 1781 (June 09 1781)BirthGeorge Stephenson, English mechanical engineer (d.1848)
June 9th, 1772 (June 09 1772)EventThe British ship Gaspee is burned off the coast of Rhode Island.
June 9th, 1768 (June 09 1768)BirthSamuel Slater, American industrialist (died in 1835)
June 9th, 1732 (June 09 1732)EventJames Oglethorpe is granted a royal charter for the colony of Georgia.
June 9th, 1717 (June 09 1717)DeathJeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon, French mystic (born in 1648)
June 9th, 1716 (June 09 1716)DeathBanda Bahadur, Sikh military commander (executed)
June 9th, 1686 (June 09 1686)BirthAndrei Osterman, Russian statesman (died in 1747)
June 9th, 1672 (June 09 1672)BirthTsar Peter I of Russia (died in 1725)
June 9th, 1667 (June 09 1667)EventThe Raid on the Medway by the Dutch fleet begins. It lasts for five days and results in a decisive victory by the Dutch over the English in the Second Anglo-Dutch War.Ang Lee Quotes
June 9th, 1661 (June 09 1661)BirthTsar Feodor III of Russia (died in 1682)
June 9th, 1656 (June 09 1656)DeathThomas Tomkins, Welsh composer (born in 1572)
June 9th, 1650 (June 09 1650)EventThe Harvard Corporation, the more powerful of the two administrative boards of Harvard, is establishedied in It is the first legal corporation in the Americas.
June 9th, 1640 (June 09 1640)BirthLeopold I, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 1705)
June 9th, 1595 (June 09 1595)BirthKing Wladislaus IV of Poland (died in 1648)
June 9th, 1588 (June 09 1588)BirthJohann Andreas Herbst, German composer (died in 1666)
June 9th, 1583 (June 09 1583)DeathThomas Radclyffe, 3rd Earl of Sussex, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
June 9th, 1580 (June 09 1580)BirthDaniel Heinsius, Flemish scholar (died in 1655)
June 9th, 1572 (June 09 1572)DeathJeanne d Albret, Queen of Navarre (born in 1528)
June 9th, 1563 (June 09 1563)DeathWilliam Paget, 1st Baron Paget, English statesman (born in 1506)
June 9th, 1534 (June 09 1534)EventJacques Cartier is the first European to discover the St. Lawrence River.
June 9th, 1508 (June 09 1508)BirthPrimoz Trubar, Slovenian Protestant reformer (died in 1586)
June 9th, 1361 (June 09 1361)DeathPhilippe de Vitry, French composer (born in 1291)
June 9th, 1310 (June 09 1310)EventDuccio s Maesta Altarpiece, a seminal artwork of the early Italian Renaissance, is unveiled and installed in the Siena Cathedral in Siena, Italy.
June 9th, 0721 (June 09 0721)EventOdo of Aquitaine defeats the Moors in the Battle of Toulouse.
June 9th, 0630 (June 09 0630)DeathKing Shahrbaraz of Persia
June 9th, 0597 (June 09 0597)DeathSt. Columba, Christian missionary (born in 521)
June 9th, 0373 (June 09 0373)DeathEphrem the Syrian, Christian hymnodist

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